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Japanese cultural experience programs for foreign people are basically conducted in English. Please make inquiries if you need other languages. Japanese people can also join the programs.



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Black Ink Calligraphy (TC02)

Learn the art of Japanese calligraphy in this hands-on, dynamic session, at a facility in central Tokyo. This program is dedicated to the area of Japanese culture which created "hiragana" and "katakana" from Kanji, (traditional Chinese Characters, once originating from China). Following this, participants will experience creating actual calligraphy. Guests will prepare the liquid ink traditionally from an ink stick then practice writing whatever they w

ish, such as kanji characters equivalent to the sound of your name. After some practice and concentration, participants will create a unique calligraphy piece. The perfect, original souvenir of a visit to Japan.

Japanese Calligraphy Pic.

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Calligraphy Pic.

Duration and Program Fee

Program Fee (Per Group in Japanese yen)

Number of
Over 5people *1



75-90 minutes







*1: each additional person

*Programs will be held at Koryuan or at special halls made for specific purposes in Tokyo and Kansai areas (including Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe). You can meet your guide at the nearest station to the location of those experiences to take place.

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Application Procedure

Step1: Please send the following information to IJCEE at

  1. Desired program name 2. Desired date and time 3. Number of participants (including children) 4. Group leader's name 5. Group leader's nationality 6. With or without pick-up


Step2: IJCEE will reply and inform whether or not the program is available..


Step3: Please purchase ticket(s) using the form below. You can pay with your credit card, debit card and PayPal acount.

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Black Ink Calligraphy

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Step4:A payment notification from PayPal will be sent to you after receiving the program fee. Please come to the appointed meeting place on the program day with a copy of this mail. Our IJCEE staff will be waiting for you with a name-board.


*Cancellation Charge

Cancellation Charge (Cancellation Policy)

If you cancel your reservation, the following cancellation rates and remittance charge will be charged.

  (1) 14 days - 3 days prior to the program date: 20 % of the program fee

  (2) 2 days of the day before the program date: 50 % of the program fee

  (3) a day before the program date: 100 % of the program fee