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Japanese cultural experience programs for foreign people are generally conducted in English. Please make inquiries if you need other languages. Japanese people may also join the programs.


茶道 (ETA001)
浴衣着装 (ETA030)

Japanese Cultural Experience Instructors

IJCEE supports many members and works with a wide variety of collaborators specializing in many unique, diverse aspects of Japanese culture.


<Japanese Culture>

Tea Ceremony, Flower Arrangement, Calligraphy, Kimono / Yukata, Furoshiki Wrapping, Origami (Paper Folding), Washi Paper Craft, Kimekomi-Ningyo Doll, etc.


Home-cooking, Healthy Food, Sake Tasting, etc.

<Martial Arts>

Aikido, Kenbu (Dance with a sword), Sword Fight, Ninja, Judge of Swords, etc.


Tsugaru Shamisen, Okinawa Shamisen, Koto, Shakuhachi (bamboo flute), Shinnnai / Joruri (traditional narrative ballad), etc.


Kamisuki (Washi paper making), Ukiyoe Wood-block Prints (printer of wood-block prints), Japanese Paints, etc.

Handmade Washi Pic.
Japanese Paper (Washi)
Samurai Sword Action! Pic.
Samurai Sword Action
Syakuhachi Playing Pic.
Japanese Classical Dance Lesson Pic.
Japanese Classical Dance
Wear Kimono Pic.
Furisode Wearing
Dinner Show Pic.
Dinner Show
Ukiyo-e Printing Pic.
Ukiyo-e Printing
Japanese Paints Pic.
Japanese Paints
Tea Ceremoney Pic.
Tea Ceremony

Tour Guide Interpreters

Our professional guides all have the Japanese national qualification.


English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Korean.